Perfect Shot: Home

Home is where I sleep, eat, write, and relax. My home is located in Maryland. In an undisclosed city and neighborhood. On April 19, 2020, I had the idea to not let quarantine stop me from searching for the perfect shot.


So with the help of my cousin. I took the photos in this post. I used what was around me to create some shots. For instance this little step. I put my foot on here and took some pictures. I made sure I showed off my cool new socks from King Socks shop. Took about a month and some days to get here. But I love them. You can get a discount with my code K.87615CW



Anyways I didn’t do too many poses or pictures. Also, my outfit was pretty simple and basic. Just a fitted Luxe-t and some royal blue apparel joggers. Fun fact about these pants is their pretty old to me. I use to wear them years ago but got too big to fit them. They are a 3xl and I grew out of them to the point I was 3 sizes up. Now since my weight loss, I have been able to fit them. I kept these pants just for this moment. Where I’m able to wear them again. So this fit is basic but means a lot just for that reason. On to my shoes, they are one of my favorite shoes. They are the Knick’s Themed Nike Foamposite. Also I wore my signature chain, an earring and a watch. I made sure to put on my mask and gloves for outside purposes. Like all of you should.


As far as editing goes I didn’t use any editors from Fiverr. I used lightroom this time. Its an app for android and iPhones and computers. I always saw editors use presets or offer to use their Lightroom presets. So I found an app that allows you to save presets and use them on your photos. I used a couple of iPhone apps, 1 was called Fltr and another was Koloro. Some presets won’t look good on some pictures because of the lighting of the pic I believe. So I have maybe 25 presets that I go through to see which picture will it work best on.


I hope you liked this post. Lightroom Presets has become fun to play with. A lot of old pictures that weren’t edited I been editing and will be posting soon. I hope you like this fun little Perfect Shot at home. After this pandemic is over I hope I’ll be able to go back out on another adventure. See you next time.


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