Mirror Mirror (Poem)

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall
You have been with me through it all
You were there when my mans perished
R.I.P Ricky, I know you watching
The pain is still damaging

You were there when I was crying for my uncle who died from that cancer bitch
The good ones always go
The bad ones always stay
Man why it got to be like that

Sitting in the funeral trying to retract
Holding back tears to be exact
You were there when I was battling for a spot at Fairmont
I had to crawl to overcome my flaws

You were there when I lost my mind over that bum ass coach
Lord knows I’m still holding a grudge
But I really need to detach
But I really want a rematch

You were there for the fun times
Like when I published my first speech
I was really trying to preach
But others didn’t see it that way
They were trying to end my dreams every day

You were with me when I took that blade to my throat
Because they force me to ball and all I wanted to be was the goat
I was about to be the real definition of cutthroat
I wanted to get the slicing like wolverine

You were there when I shared my first uhh
Don’t want to get into that
You have been there through the victories and the losses
You were there when I wrote my first story 14 years ago

You watch me stand toe to toe with the people who tried to stop my glow
But it never slowed down my flow
They never stop my growth
I’m feeling like a pro
You were there when I was trying to figure out who I was

Always listening to everyone’s directions
I wanted to follow my own directions
Had to make a correction
That’s when everyone left the stands
Get it like they left the stands meaning they not my fans

Not even my family nor my friends
They say blood is thicker than water
But my friends have been here since my jersey days to my pen days

This gets personal on a new level
Feel like I’m living with the devil
No, it’s just several
Several want to see me fail
I rather go to hell than to ever let my dreams go stale

You were there when he compared me to other players
You were here for when he tried to switch teams
You wanted me to chase your dreams
Now I’m chasing mines

You walking over here about step on a mime
Cause I’m never dropping a dime
This is mine

When I really needed your help you tucked your tail
Talking about don’t ever let anyone mess with you
He was right there lying to your face
What a disgrace

I don’t want any grace
I’m changing the pace
I don’t forget shit, it wasn’t too long ago that I had tears rolling down my face
All praise to god for getting me through it
Fuck it

I’m losing my mind
You were there when I declared K. Exum has no family
You were there when my family jump for joy for my sis following the same career
I have been doing this since I was a kid but I’m the disgrace
I will be mentioned as one of the greats

No one will ever stop my grind
They can’t stop my climb
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
You’ve been with me through it all

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