Weekly Thoughts 53: 200 Followers
We reached 200 followers on the blog. Yes we’re moving on up day after day. I’m just glad to see it. I’ll make sure I continue to write more poetry to entertain all of you stuck at home or on the move to your destination and want something to entertain your minds. I can now say we’re on the road to 300 followers.

I’m currently at 290 pounds with 10 pounds to go to reach my goal of 280. When it comes to weight nowadays its kind of difficult. Originally I said I wanted to get to 250 but at 290, I’m quite happy. But another part of me wants 270 just so I can say I lost 200 pounds from my highest. Also 290 feels like I’m barely in the 200-pound club. Like I’m through the door but still not in the party all the way. If that makes sense to you.

Now onto my latest creation, Hotel. Thank you to everyone who has streamed and downloaded Hotel so far. Thank you for viewing it on Youtube if you went that route. It’s only up from here. More spoken word coming soon. If you haven’t already go stream and download Hotel on all platforms now.’

We’ve passed last month’s views already. What a blessing! I’m loving this high I’m on now. But that’s the end of this weekly thoughts. View my previous posts until tomorrow. Follow this blog for more.


Hotel Down Below

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