Hotel (Spoken Word)

Finally My Spoken Word that I have been speaking about for weeks in the weekly thoughts post that’s posted every week. Hotel is on Youtube above and is available for stream & download everywhere. So support me and go stream and download. I would love to hear feed back down below in the comments. Tell me what you think.

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Self quarantined
In the house having FaceTime dates like we teens 
How do I practice Social distancing?
When my love for you is thickening
Every day without you my heart is crippling

They call this thing a vacation 
Or a Coronacation 
What’s a vacation without a hotel?
You are my 5-star hotel
My motel in the middle of the desert

Call you my hotel because you are home whenever I’m with you
When without, my heart bleeds for you
My excitement cry’s for you
My sexual desires scream in agony because you're not around 
I’m under quarantine but it feels more like a prison

This pain is not something I would have envisioned 
We’re in the same state but still, it feels like I’m a million miles away 
Forget a virus this place is somewhere I can’t stay
When I get caught I hope  they understand when I say it was essential 

For my eyes to lay on you
For my hands to caress your cheeks
For my lips to grip yours
For my tongue to fill your mouth as my hands grip your neck
For me to watch you skip a breath

As I entered your paradise I call a hotel
Because wherever I go you are like home to me

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