Writing Prompt #64

Writing Prompt #64: One of my happiest memories

Prompt From https://pin.it/glurl3igm4bjbs

One of my happiest memories

I woke up on a gurney
After enduring one of the longest journeys
I felt sure of this decision
Because I thought this was the best answer for me after all that fishing to find a cure
A couple of days before I thought I wasn’t sure
After the scale tipped
My mind was flipped
I looked in the mirror and my smile would appear
Before all I did was cry and stare
Felt impaired
Felt like my presence shouldn’t have been shared
Missed events for people I cared for
Now I am smiling from ear to ear every time I see a mirror
I no longer feel impaired
I share my presence whenever I want
At any event I want
The happiest memory I can think of is when I had surgery

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