Did I Imagine It? (Poem)

Good Morning, here is a new poem inspired by a post on @Silverleafpoetry page. I always see these contests and wanted to try it. So I did. The question was to write a poem titled “Did I Imagine It?” So here’s my poem below.

Did I imagine it?

Did I imagine it?
Your name coming up on my phone screen
Haven’t talked since we were teens
Now I only have the memories to reminisce on

Did I imagine us coming back strong
Our bond
Was something only seen in movies or on a webisode
Too bad that we ended but you went on to find the love that you were owed
Sucks that the love isn’t coming from me

Instead, it’s from a new guy
While my love for you dangles in the sky
Like a leaf hanging by its last stem on a tree
But why don’t I let go

Maybe I still have faith in us
Maybe you do too
Or did I imagine it?

Did I imagine your name coming up on my phone screen
On that lonely night when the meds had me hallucinating
You always came back so I thought I should just have patience
But the more I see him on your timeline I can slowly see you escaping

But maybe he’s better for you than me
I rather see you happy
Than to be unhappy with me

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