I Failed A Goal

Weekly Thoughts #51: I Failed A Goal
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there and here is my weekly Thoughts 51.

For starters, my daughter finally went to the doctor’s office. There’s no word on her current condition but hopefully, she’ll be okay enough to come back home. I have been able to blog without her but it hasn’t been easy. Shout out to my sister for lending me her computer.

I failed one of my goals this month already. It’s only been a week. Definitely try not to get depressed was failed already. I have been in this position for a long time. I always try to forgive and forget but it’s not possible for me. I just advise anyone reading to not be like me and get the help you need. Read this post if you need to Do’s and Don’ts when depressed

Just when we thought we were possibly going to enjoy the rest of the year. Here comes god with murder hornets. Why? I just want tp be back out in nature. These 4 yellow walls are starting to hurt my eyes. Who invented these steroid taking bees? I’m just done with 2020.

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