2 Down

Weekly Thoughts #50: 2 down

Its the first couple days of the month. What can we talk about?

2 down and no more to go. I reported weeks ago about my daughter being sick. Daughter being my MacBook. She’s still sick with no cure for her. So I had to crank up the dell computer and after 2 weeks he’s down too. I’m still pushing through. If this phone goes out then I’ll still find a way to post on this blog.

There are armed protestors in Michigan being backed by the president as good people. That reminds me of a certain group that did the same but wasn’t backed up by the president or anyone. This pandemic continues to expose certain things. Like racism. If I recall correctly a child played with a toy and was gun downed years ago. Because the cops thought he was a grown man with a gun. No point of talking that’s just Amerikkka for you.

I didn’t really have to write much for this week. I’m still working on releasing a new spoken word real soon. Like maybe a week or 2. Currently looking for someone to do some editing on a track I made. My main guy, is not on Fiverr no more and that sucks but I have to find someone soon.

This is the end of this week’s weekly Thoughts. Let me know how your week went in the comments below. See you next week with more thoughts. Hopefully, I have some good news.

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