May Goals 2020

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May Goals 2020

You already know there was one goal that I didn’t complete
Time to stop the eating
And start competing
With the old me
No lockdown
Will make me gain pounds
The only person with that power is staring at the mirror
Next no more procrastinating
Just put the pen to the paper
Don’t worry you do the editing later
Tired of not releasing my mind in these stories it’s been a lot of poetry lately
Next, I want to enter a poetry contest
Never been the type to give up on a test
I see these competitions online
I entered some but never won
I think its time I try again
Nothing to lose and so much to win
A prize and a boost for my confidence
My views get high
When I post a lot
So I’ll try to stay on top of the posts this month
I sometimes forget to post I can’t front
Front means stunt
Like I can’t lie
Just a little slang I thought I had to explain
I know I can’t control depression
But with recent computer issues
Finally getting in my head
I just want to do my best
But my equipment starting to break
I can’t get them fixed because everything is closed
Besides my wallet has flies flying out of it
Blogging getting harder typing on this phone
If I fall off just know I’m doing my best to get it done
As always I just want to stay safe in this quarantine
We have been through Ebola and the swine
I know this is not the end of our time
Stay in the crib if you can
And watch out for your fam
This’ll end someday stay patient

May Goals 2020

1. Get to 280

2. Write a story

3. Enter a poetry contest

4. Post Every day

5. Try not to get depressed

6. Stay safe in quarantine

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