My Mind II (Poem)

My Mind  II:

I just got so much flowing through my mind

I just got to get this off, this not a promotion

I know I said no more tracks filled with bad emotions

But this what Spoken Word all about

I got to stick to my guts no more doubts


I hear talks like why you so depressed

If you didn’t know depression been had me under arrest

This gift really gives me stress

Many long nights I’m up with no rest

I’m just trying to be the best

I’m competing with the past me


Listened to all my work and heard too much repetition

The same topic kept reappearing like a tradition

I got to put myself in a better position

I finally gained some recognition

Like Futuristic I’m on a mission

Been big for a long time had to get more nutrition


In the gym 5 times a week

On the mic practicing my technique

My next album going to be fire like Meeks

I use to think I had nothing to prove

But now I know that I got to show that my Spoken word is not ordinary

I will be legendary


I have been gone for a while but I will be damn if my career gets buried

Tape after tape I’m in a hurry

On the mic scoring like James worthy

I been caught up in the numbers, made me forget who I was

Took a couple of comments for me to understand that I had a love

The only support I need is from the ones up above


So much hate be on my skin, got to wash it off with some dove

People be addicted to hating on me like I was some tree

Starting to feel like John Cena cause I’m the one you can’t see

Enough of me talking my shit

My mind be really messed up sometimes

So many be flipping like a Motorola Razor in 05

Book almost done, can’t quit now got too much of a drive


Most times I be Stressing over my clothes

I don’t follow trends

I never try to dress like my friends

It’s just that I don’t like my clothing options

I can smile all I want

But I can’t front

I will be down sometimes

Maybe I need to talk to someone


I heard talking to the fam should be your medicine

But not me I could see that being the death of me

Nobody knows me and my mind but me

And if you think you can read me

Then you smoking some strong tree


But I just gotta brush off the hate and stay on the grind

My mind be doing back flips over these videos

Got me back blowing cheerios

With my videos

I want to be visual


Got a lot of stories that are fictional

But the video will make you get the point

It will hold everything together like a muscle joint

But I’m going to get through it

Working for me not trying to get signed

My life’s not perfect I still cry some nights

I have been fucked up since I went to Fairmont Heights


Every day I do this to escape the pain

Still waiting for my doctor to call so they can take away the pain

Cause The pain is still here

Still haven’t conquered my biggest fear

But it’s coming, maybe this year

You will know cause it’s going to jump start my career

I see the vision now it’s looking way more clear


I have been waiting for Jesus to take the wheel and steer

Now I say fuck that I got my license now I’m going to steer

I have to keep dropping tracks so my career never disappear

The biggest thing running through my mind is disappearing from the spoken word scene

All I ever wanted being for people to hear my inner thoughts since I was a teen


So many just chasing the green

I know the money is going to come with my dreams

So I’m going to continue to let out my inner thoughts

This is my mind part 2


Conclusion: A little long and a lot of rhymes but this was a poem I wrote obviously before a lot of things. It’s great to see how things came full circle. Like and comment and follow the blog for more poetry.

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