This poem is from my 2018 project, Poetic Gift. It’s the intro to my project. I’ll leave the written version below the audio. It’s still available on all streaming platforms. Tell me what you think in the comments. Poetic Gift


I done had family and friends turn on me for a piece of change

So you’ll never understand my pain

Never understand what I go through


Once I thought I was the shit

I seen so many treat me like shit

In the same breath try to cheer me up

I swear everyone I’m around is so bipolar


Mind so fucked up make me want to turn my body to the color rojo

Have you ever had your mind put on lock down make me feel like I’m drowning and my legs just kicking like a dojo

I can’t bare to feed em no more I got to get my dough up

Before I grab a nena and make that bitch throw up


Can’t tell the real from the fake

So I just stick to myself

So many wonder why I’m depressed

Cause so many tried to put my gift to rest

So all I’m left with is this stress


Everyday feels like I’m about to take my last breath

I’m just so lost in this world

But with this poetic gift I know one day I’ll be found

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