Weekly Thoughts #49

Weekly Thoughts #49: 1,000 Views

 Wow, we Reached 1,000 views for this month. I don’t know what to say. 800 was the goal I set out for this month and the other months. I knew it would be a possibility after last week’s weekly thoughts. I believed I checked and seen that I had got it, I believe Tuesday morning. I was just laying in the bed smiling like a fat kid who just received cake.

 I got a sale for my book. Another goal was completed for this month. I received another sale for the story of Charles Levi. I believe on 420 I seen my sales get high. On the topic of my book. It has also been placed in the Apple iBooks store as an ebook and audible. So I’m happy about my book being accessible everywhere.

I finally was able to record the other day. My daughter is sick but I had to find away. I had to order some cord to connect my iPad to my audio interface. It was rough to try and record still but I got it done.

Also, I had some covers made for some spoken word singles for only 14$ total and their dope. I recorded myself doing this prompt that I have scheduled for May and it’s so dope I think I’m going to need another cover. I miss dropping spoken word singles. I haven’t dropped one since Last Day. Now I’m trying to pick between 4 to drop. They actually may become a project. Like an ep or something. I got a lot in my mind right now I just want to create so much. From stories to blogs, to poems, to albums. I’m just all over the place. But it would be great to drop another project. Haven’t done one since 2018 when I released Poetic Gift.

In other news, Do you know people are protesting a pandemic? 😅 no really let me know if you feel this way down below because I just have to know why? A disease that’s killed more than 50,000 people in the US alone. It’s floating around in people where as though they don’t feel symptoms for 2 weeks. And you want to protest this because you don’t want to be in the house. 😂 Really?

Imagine it was a mass shooting in a store and we protested that we don’t want to be protected. That we want to stay in the store and shop and risk the possibility of being shot to death. Why? Like that may not be equivalent but I guarantee the stay at home lockdown is to protect you from catching the virus and dying because at the moment there’s no cure and it might not be one for a while. How hard is it to stay at home?

Since we on this subject. I just have to laugh at Donnie saying inject people with disinfectant? I was literally crying laughing at that clip from the other day.

That’s the end of this post. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the month will be. Will my views go back to normal or will I continue to increase. Who knows? I’ll just continue to post regularly. Until next time view my previous posts. Thank you all for a Thousand views this month. I hope you do follow and stay awhile. Thank you all. I always wanted some type of audience and I’m glad your here.

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