Good Morning

It sounds cliche but if you knew you wouldn’t wake up tomorrow morning, would you do things differently today? 99% of you just said yes to yourself. One question then if you said yes. Why not live like that every single day?

Sometimes we pause our life because of our regrets. My only advice for that bitch named regrets is, you can’t change the past but you can correct your past mistakes. You couldn’t control others back then but you can control who you’re around now.

I feel like something I struggle with is thinking and dreaming. Thinking about my past is my biggest downfall. Reliving my traumatic memories will just leave me depressed and you as well. Thinking and wishing things was different will not lead you or me back. It will just make us even more depressed. It’s okay to dream about your future. But dreaming will only remain dreams if you’re not putting any effort behind it. Stop dreaming and start planning.

I hope you enjoyed my little speech. I’m not far enough in this to be trying to teach. But sometimes these words just flow through me to the point that I just have to write and share it with you guys. So this is me writing from my past experiences. As always like, comment and follow this blog for more. Good Morning to you all and I hope your week goes nicely from here on out.

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