8 Poets You Should Know About

 In the spirit of National Poetry Month. I’m going to list my top 8 poets and one of their works to get you up to speed if they have online content. This list is in no particular order. I don’t know any of these people personally, I just love their art. Okay now let’s get to it. Also let me know who you like most in the comments below. Tell me some other poets I should include in the next list in the comments below.



Rudy Francisco: I have seen some of his poetry spoken on numerous YouTube channels. I like his witty wordplay and style of poetry. I have yet to read his book, Helium but I’ll leave a link for you all. Book Here.

 Ayanaimannn: This is another poet with some great wordplay and a lot of love and heartbreak poems that people can relate to. I like her laid back like style. It sounds like she’s not trying. Its cool in my eyes. This is one of her poems that I like the most.Here

Orville The Poet: I like majority of his poetry. Hard to pick just one if I had to choose.  It would be this one. I have seen this guy live at Bus Boys and Poets here in the DMV area. He’s a great inspiration on stage. He looks so comfortable up there. Just dope.

Derrick Weston Brown: I just learned of this local legend at the last busboys and poets event I went to. I really couldn’t find much online content. But I’ll leave his facebook page here..

Aliyah Michelle: This is one of her poem that I like Here. Like the second artist she also has a unique flow. Sounds like a conversation. It’s so dope it will have you hooked.

Trent Shelton:I’m a big fan of this poem he made. Here. His spoken word is more inspirational to me. I love absolutely all of them really.

K. Exum: It was only right I put myself. I’m my biggest fan. This is my favorite poem that I recited on my Instagram that you can follow now. Video is Here. I also love my Spoken Word project that I made in 2018. Available Here..

Clayton Jennings: My favorite poem by him would be Anxiety.You can view here. Other than that poem I really liked when he collaborated with a rap artist by the name of Blake Whiteley. Video is here.

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