10 Poems To Make You Emotional

10 Poems To Make You Emotional

It’ s National Poetry Month & I’m running down a list of poetry. To be honest. I wrote 100% of these poems on this list but if you stick around I’ll tell you why I wrote these poems and leave links to every poem listed so you can read them for yourself. If you enjoy them, leave comments and follow this blog for more poetry. 


1. Waste: Waste comes from me just wanting to leave my current situation because I feel like I’m not loved and I’m treated as if I’m not even human. Some of the opening lines are me saying would they love me more if I were dead. My actual words were, 

“Sometimes I think, would they feel differently if a bullet went through my dome

And my body was buried deep beneath the earth

Would they even notice I had disappeared”

2. Open Letter: It was really self-explanatory. It was a letter to someone I don’t want to name but its someone that hurt me badly. I wanted to indirectly tell them how I felt about them.

3. Last Day: I wrote this a couple of days before I had gastric sleeve surgery. I was so nervous before surgery that I made a poem basically giving my last words to my loved ones because I didn’t think I would make it.

4. Her: It was about someone that I thought of as the love of my life but my deep-rooted connection with depression made me push her away. I rather fight depression than to let depression make me talk or act a certain way to such a beautiful and innocent soul.

5. Support: I wrote this so long ago. I spoke about the lack of support I received from my family for my goals. An analogy I used was, “I just want the support

I have been shun like I’m a dork

I just want you to hold me like food on a fork

They have been pushing me away like a Muslim and pork

They only around when I’m playing sports”

6. Old Friend 2: I’m talking to my old friend. This piece gets darker and darker. I had mixed emotions when writing this. Part of me thinks of my old friend as being depression another refers to an old friend as being the knife that I used to think of using to take my life. 

7. Jr: Was a letter to my father. I told him how I felt. Indirectly. Growing up the son of someone that wants you to be like them is very hard. Hard to let them know that your, your own person and that you have your own goals. Especially when the odds are stacked against you.

8. Gone Too Soon: Was my way of saying goodbye to my old football coach. One of the only people that put their faith in my abilities when no one else would.

9. Haunted: Outlines my fight with depression and anxiety. I talk about my fears of going through depression and living in society. One of the lines that stuck out the most was, “I use to have a fear of owning a gun because I always thought the choppa would only sing to me.” Choppa is often the slang term for a gun. In rap songs, the artist would say let the choppa sing meaning shooting the gun. It was a unique play on words in my eyes.

10. TBH: The usual heartbreak story between 2 high school sweethearts. The only thing with this was that I still missed her so I wrote this and then a part 2 then a part 3 that I have yet to put out.

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