April Goals 2020

April Goals 2020: This may be the worst poem I ever wrote. It’s just a free write but I don’t know about this one. Poem along with the list is below this. Make sure to follow this blog for more by me. Also, Happy National Poetry Month!

April 2020:

New Month who this

I’m having too much fun with this

I have more goals to complete 

I hope they find a cure for this virus

Because summers coming up

And I don’t want to be in the house

But I also don’t want to leave out and risk getting sick

Because corona and asthma don’t mix

Now on to this list

280 still is the goal

Until I complete it

As well as 800 views

Maybe some more studying will give me some clues

On how to crack the code to more views

Or at the end of April, I’ll be singing some more blues 

Hopefully, I can sing a different tune at the end of this month

Almost forgot it’s national poetry month

Time to have some fun

I’ll try to post some poetry more often

The fourth goal for this month is to stay safe and quarantined

No that’s not a good one

What can I do?

Read a book

I have put a hold off on this audible for too long now

I’m going to finish it

Or I should reread the story of Charles Levi which is available now

I just had to advertise my book

That could be another one

Try to get another sale for our book

I got a couple but I want more

But more importantly, I want feedback 

So check out part of my book below along with the list


April Goals:

  1. Get to 280
  2. Get 800 views 
  3. Post 5 poems this month
  4. Make another sale for the story of Charles Levi
  5. Stay safe in quarantine 


Part Of The Story Of Charles Levi

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