March Results 2020

March Results 2020

 This month has come to an end and I have decided to do something new for this monthly results. Let me know how you feel about this free write of the monthly results in the comments below. I’ll leave the usual list below the poem if you want to get straight to it. 

March Madness:

How can I sum up this month? 

It was March madness 

Oh that’s kinda weird to say cause that was canceled 

Events got canceled left and right leaving the public to panic

Everyone looking at the president like where is the answer

Donnie looking like a 2-year-old trying give instruction, got so bad people have to speak after him like a translator 

Okay I’m done being a hater

Oh wait not everyone panicked 

Some still packed their bags and went to Florida

Where lake worth beach Florida mayor kept the beaches opened 

I guess we can see she’s only worried about her money

Not the people

Of course, only a brother spoke up

Applauses is in order

Ok I’m supposed to be talking about my life

I had to get down to 280

But I started eating like crazy

I’m not as bad as before that’s what I tell myself 

When I see that scale bounce back and forth like a ball in tennis

I wonder will I ever make it to 250 when this year is finished

That’s the goal

Been the goal since I graduated high school

That was 5 years ago

You would think I would be there by now

But sometimes I just get addicted to food knowing I’m just going to be as big as a cow

I have seen that scale reach 400 before

I know that feeling of not wanting to be here

I just got to stay focused so I can have this feeling of loving to be alive forever 

But whatever

I was supposed to get 800 views


I barely even touched last months views of 715

Running a blog is easy but getting views is the hard part

Too much to say so I won’t even start

I’ll try harder next month

But I can’t front like it’s impossible

I did it last year in August 

So I know I will reach it again

Lastly, I put that I wanted to do something different 

Something I never did before

I can check that off the list

I can’t say what I did but I accomplished this

I can say we did this

Something else I did was turn monthly results into poetry

I just thought the listing got a little boring

Let me know in the comments if you like it this way

It’s yours truly K.



March Results List:

  1. Get to 280:
  2. Get 800 Views:
  3. Do Something I Never Did Before:

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