Good Night (Poem)

Good Night:

Heart feeling heavy
I just ask god can he save me
You know how I get when I start reminiscing on this pain
I just wish I could start fresh
But I just hope this feeling not here when I get some success
I feel so lonely when I’m depressed
Feel like depression got her hands around my neck
And I just want to be Gates and kick her in the chest
No one to run to
But these pages in front of me
I just want to cry until my eyelids get too heavy and I fall asleep
I just got to escape like DDG
I write when I’m sad
If I hold it in, it gets worst
Don’t mind me I just got to vent for I wind up hurting myself
That’s the conclusion I always come to
I know my family reading like you spoiled why you feeling like this
All these expensive items I have
Don’t make up for this depression I have
I’m getting sick and tired of being sad
I wish I could have done something but instead, I put my trust in others
Sometimes I think I’m going to be crying forever

Good Night

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