Quarantine & Chill

Weekly Thoughts number 44. I hope we get through this one this time. To end this week I just wrote a solid 5 paragraphs about this week just to hit backspace by accident and lose it all. So let’s try this again. I hope I can remember everything I just wrote.

Being self quarantined for 2 weeks. Time to panic right? Not for me, I’m a big introvert. Odds are if this wasn’t going on then I would still be in the house writing another blog. Week 1 of being self-quarantine was okay I guess it wasn’t really scary or anything but that’s just me in Maryland. Our governor here has been dishing out food to the kids that have been home because of the school closing. Stopping bills and evictions. And even though I’m not into politics and probably didn’t know his name till recently. I still applaud his efforts.

Now looking into the world. It’s one place I would be scared of. Philadelphia.

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They are telling cops not to arrest people for crimes that aren’t violent. . It’s really starting to feel like the purge movie. I commend my governor of state. Whatever your next move is, please don’t make it that.

On to my life. I feel like a real fat ass not being in the gym at all. All gyms are closed here and I am left to work out at home. It’s hard trying to work out in a place that you’re so used to feeling comfortable in. This upcoming week is approaching and something has to give. I’m supposed to be 250 by now and I’m still pushing 290 and I know I can lose 40 pounds pandemic or not. I know it’s possible. I just have to stop being the fat ass I’m becoming.

I been looking through my notes and seeing this mixtape I want to do. I think I want to get started on it now because I’m quarantined with nothing else to do. I have a dope concept for the project that I don’t want to reveal yet but best believe I will as soon as it’s done. But I do know I don’t want to release it until next year.

This week has come to an end and I hope all of you stay safe out here in this mess that we have now. I hope and pray that this will be over soon. I know I didn’t lay up and have surgery last year, just to not be able to enjoy my summer this year. I want to chill somewhere on a beach. Not stay in the house being afraid of someone sneezing close to me. I’m rambling now but like, comment, and follow this blog for more.

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