Top 5 Worst Fashion Trends

Top 5 Worst Fashion Trends: I’m no fashion expert but I have to speak my mind on some of these fashion trends.

  1. Big Clothes look. I hate it. I’m not a slim tight fit type of person. I like for clothes to be at least your size with a little room. But I’m not for clothes being 5 sizes above your size. It just doesn’t look great to me.big clothes look
  2. Homeless looking clothes. I couldn’t think of any way of saying it respectfully but the Yeezy line is a great representation. Just look at it.Yeezy RTW Spring 2016
  3. Baggie jeans. I literally hate pants like this. If pants are not joggers then it won’t be worn. It just covers the shoes and don’t let the art that shoes hold be displayed.baggie jeans
  4. Big ass shoes. Speaking of shoes. I hate big ass shoes. Like why do you want to wear these big ass space boots? Most just wear them because of the brand and that’s even worse.Big ass shoes
  5. Damage Shoes.Wearing damaged looking shoes just because of the brand. I hate these sketcher like shoes. Then they look damaged on top of looking like they weigh ten pounds. download

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