Writing Prompt #56

Another writing Prompt Wednesday. Today’s prompt is from http://www.discobumblebee.com/20-journal-prompts-for-anxiety-and-depression/. It’s more on the personal side. I hope you enjoy my list below. As always, follow for more.
List 20 things that make you smile.
1. Money
2. Writing Stories
3. Making Spoken Words
4. Listening to Rap Music
5. Getting New Shoes
6. Going To Busboys and Poets
7. Reading a good book
8. Watching Stand up Comedy
9. Watching Comedy Movies
10. Watching cop shows
11. Shopping For clothes
12. Playing Games
13. Hanging out with my brother
14. Hanging out with my friends
15. Blogging
16. Getting Feedback On My Creations
17. Watching YouTubers
18. Memes On Twitter
19. Completing Writing Prompts
20. Watching Or Reading About Van Life

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