Fall In Love With My Tattoo Wish List

Fall In Love With My Tattoo Wish List

 So let’s get into tattoos. I have 2 tattoos. I’m going to make sure to put them somewhere below. I like most people love tattoos and think of them as a form of art. It’s great to have something inked on your body that represents something deeper within yourself. Or just something cool that you like to look at. I have been holding off from getting tattoos for a while now just because I wanted to have my surgery first. It’s kind of weird but your tattoos can shrink when your arms get smaller or bigger. I wanted my tattoos to stay the same size so I held back. 

 Tattoos I already Have:

  1. I got this tattoo when I was 14 years old. I begged my mother to let me get this. In my school all the kids had tattoos and at the time I wanted to fit in. You know kids stuff. So I got this cross. Don’t know why. I guess because I love god. Then 3 years later I got this add on. To symbolize god is in my heart. It’s weird to me now because I’m not spiritual. This is why you should never rush this decision.
  2. The music star. My favorite so far. I got this when I was 15. I wanted it in the beginning for my love for music. Now it symbolize’s my dreams to be a music star.Photo Jan 11, 8 47 30 PM

 Now that’s out the way I am dying to cover my body in ink. I’m like some who don’t feel pain when getting tattoos. They don’t hurt me. I remember getting the shoulder tattoo and being sleep in the chair. I didn’t feel it until it got close to my inner arm. That’s when I started feeling a slight bit of pain. Maybe that’s just me. Everyones different. Some feel a large amount of pain when getting tattoos. If I had to describe it. I would say imagine a needle gliding against your skin for a couple of seconds and then they stop to wipe it. Then they keep going. There’s a buzzing noise while they do it that could be scary to some but not me. Some artist allows you to wear headphones so that may help you.

 So onto my list. I have provided some pictures below. They are not the actual design I want. Most of what I want will be drawn out of my mind. I just provided photos from google that I’m using as an example.

Tattoos I Want:

Photo Mar 10, 12 08 30 PM

For starters, I want something to show my love for writing. I have this pencil picture down below. But I really want something close to this on my forearm. A pen with a ribbon around it that says “Stay Creative”. To remind me to stay creative. Always think outside of the box and be unique.


Another writing tattoo but it’s my body. I think this one will hurt. I have not heard anything good about the chest area. The chest area may hurt. I’m up for the challenge. I want this on the left side of my chest. Fun fact this reminds me of my poem Writer At Heart and that is my main reason for this tattoo. I want a tattoo that shows I’m a writer at heart no matter what.

cloud pic

So I just got a word cloud picture here but I want a cloud under my right arm that says Spoken Word. Now like I said above I didn’t really feel the needle until it got under my arm. Now I hope I can manage the pain of getting a full tattoo under my arm.


So it looks weird cause its just a watch. But I really want a watch like figure on my right wrist. That says Always Speak Freely. I want it on my wrist because that’s what type of time I always want to be on. Weird but it’s whatever.

I like this tattoo but I want to tweak it a bit. I was thinking of mixing it with the tattoo below. This tattoo has a money rose. Not to seem money hungry. But I always wanted to be rich. But who doesn’t? So the tattoo would symbolize, Never Give Up On The Money. Yeah I want to be rich but rich from my passion and my passion is writing. By the way I want this tattoo on my calf.


 That’s all the tattoos I want for right now. I’ll do an updated blog, maybe next year. Or whenever I get some new ideas. I’m thinking I want a mic somewhere on my body. Or I was thinking in the clouds with the “Spoken” word. Making The P a mic. I don’t know that was just a random idea. But like, comment and follow this blog for more. 

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