So Late

So late with this post. I’m literally in the next week writing this post. It has been a crazy week. I’m referring to the virus. The NBA is shut down and it’s crazy to see. When that shut down appeared, I knew it was serious. Also, I have been a little lazy with my writing posts because of my personal life. But anyway let us get into my weekly thoughts. Leave comments in the comment section, please.

You know when the corona first debuted this year I didn’t think it would come to this. It was in China of all places and it was taking people out. I believe about 3,000 and that was enough for us to be scared. Considering their population is over a billion but to my eyes, even 10 is too much. Then it went from China to basically everywhere else in the world. I have been trying to pay attention to the numbers on this kid’s site.

I am still in shock of how much the world is changing before our eyes. The virus has almost traveled all over the world now. It’s deadly to people with different medical conditions. Even diabetic and asthmatic people are at risk if infected. So being the asthmatic man I am. I find myself spending a lot of time in the house. These next couple of weeks should be interesting and hopefully, the death toll drops. I do wonder what’s being done to completely stop the virus and not just the spread. Will it be a vaccine? Or just a complete lockdown across each state.

On to my life. I was thinking about my dream album. I even started to recite the poems in my head again. If you don’t know I have a Dream album that I have written. I don’t want to say the title or anything but it’s deep and combat different issues in the world. Through storytelling and ranting from my point of view. I think the only reason I have not begun working on it is that I’m not where I want to be. I want to perform each of these pieces in the exact way I manifested it in my head. I wanted it to be in a play like way but I don’t be in it. Like the scene is happening as I speak. Also, I would want a video done for each piece.

It makes me happy just thinking about it. The reasons behind not working on it because I’m still in this shy space. I’m terrified of performing. I want to really perform these all around the world. Just recording them could be done off ease but I want it to be as close to perfection as it can be. So until then, it would remain a dream.

That’s the end of this post. What do you think will be the outcome after this virus? I definitely feel bad for all of the people who have lost their lives to this virus. I hate the internet for making jokes about it like people with medical conditions aren’t dropping like flies. I keep mentioning medical conditions because I hear that it’s only deadly to people with conditions like High Blood Pressure, Heart disease, Diabetes and Asthma. I read that there aren’t many cases with coronavirus and asthma. That’s good to know, I guess. But to be sure everyone stay safe and clean. Bye.

By the way did you peep the Bitmoji as my cover photo for this week and last week. I’m kinda digging it. Sometimes I don’t have a picture that can describe this week and seen this option on Canva and just had to try it. If you don’t know, Bitmoji is your own personal emoji that you can create when you download the app. You can use it on your keyboard in your phone when messaging. I know you can use it on snapchat and even in your chrome browser. This is not sponsored but I just thought I would share. Now I’m really done. See you later this week.

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