Spouse (Poem)

Spouse: This is just a bit of storytelling. I am not a fan of domestic violence but wanted to share my opinion on how I feel it’s taken when the roles are reversed. Leave comments about how you feel in the comment section down below.

You strike me each day and I’m a simp if I decide to say something about it
Your hits
Are not as hard as my brothers but the repetition hurts my heart even more
It hurts knowing this has become the norm
But for me, if I even raised my hand at you I would be behind bars quicker than Usain racing a turtle
Although my hits were more verbal
You still practiced making my eyes purple
After bullying someone time after time again their bound to hit back
But when I fight back
I get locked up because you don’t have a sack
This fight is not a fight I can win because this has become normalized
When did bullying someone become justified by a gender
Saying it hurt, makes me soft
But at the end of the day, no one likes to be hit
Especially by their spouse

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