Top 3 Best Big & Tall Stores You Should Shop At

Top 3 Best Big & Tall Stores You Should Shop At

BooHoo: They have a nice big and tall section but the only thing with them is the sizing. I brought a shirt from them and I’m usually a 3xl or 2xl but their 3xl is way too small. So if I were you I would go up at least a size or 2. As far as pants go you have to go up a lot of sizes. I’m usually a 4xl in pants but have to go up at least 1 or 2 sizes because they run small. As far as pricing goes they are a little on the cheap side. They often have sales going almost weekly. If I were you I would download the app and check on the sales weekly.

Asos is another stylish site that I use quite frequently but just like boohoo the sizing is a little off. A size up is suggested. Asos is a little up there on the pricing.

King Size is a great online store for big and tall people. Their clothes are mainly true to size. I often wear tops from this store because I’m picky with my pants. They have a variety of clothing that may be a little pricy for some.

Hope you enjoyed my little analysis of big and tall clothing. I’m no fashion blogger but I’m a member of the big and tall community.  Be sure to check out these websites if you are looking to add to your wardrobe. Follow this blog for more posts like this.

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