Writing Prompt #55

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Writing Prompt #55: Write a poem about a childhood memory

I remember the time when I broke my arm
Specifically my elbow
It was in front of my friends and I was attempting to put on a show
It was a sunny weekend I believe
Everyone I knew was outside riding skateboards
And I told my friends I had one for sure
I went into the house and grabbed mines
But it wasn’t actually a skateboard
It was an old scooter with the pole missing
My gut was telling me no, god I should have listened
Anyways I rushed out and I got on it
I put one foot on and kicked to ride
The board slid
And I went up
And then back down with my elbow aiming write to the ground like a down arrow
My friends tried to play hero
And go get my mom
Didn’t help that they didn’t know my address
I managed to stand up and walk holding my arm
Mom had to call the doctors while I trying to stay calm
Doctors just put a cast on it
6 months later and didn’t heal correctly
Now look at it
Would get it fixed
But I heard it may hurt me more than it heals me so it’s whatever

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