Dear Special K (Poem)

This was hard to write. Honestly, I shed a tear while writing this. I’ll just say Poetry is and forever will be my therapy. So I wrote this from a prompt I seen that said write a letter to your teenage self. So in this poem, I’m talking to my teenage selves. If that makes since. Starting with my 13-year-old self and up to when I’m the age now off 22. Enjoy the piece below. You may not get it if you don’t know my teenage experience. But leave a comment if you do or just leave a comment just because.

Dear Special K:

If you don’t know that name yet
Then you will later this year
Our reality will soon become our biggest fear
Everyone you once loved will become the very people you hate

They will take away your pen and decide your fate
Based on your weight
If you look for sympathy they will take those dreadful numbers on the scale and throw it in your face
If you try to run they will take

Every last item that ever brought you excitement
Leaving you to cry at night
I would love to tell you that things will get better
But for the next 4 years, you will be their mule

More or so their tool
The many faces you thought were cool
Will continue to use you until you have nothing left to give
You will attempt to quit the next year and the year after that
But their hateful words will control you like no other bribery has
When you get my age you will want to move on from the past

But the past created a deeper darker you that’s driven by depression and anxiety
You will try to become a fighter
But many nights
You will find yourself holding a knife
Wishing that the past wasn’t your life

That you could have stood up for yourself
That you could have ran to the family but in those moments they were your enemies
I wish I can tell you it’ll get better at 18
But you will be still hunting for this dream
Of being a different you, a different look
So people won’t try and use you

But when you get to 22
You will finally be the old you
Poetry will become your therapy
Your stories will slowly come back into the mix
And when you take pictures your happiness will shift

Special K Hang in there
Everything happens for a reason
Our pain made every poem we ever wrote
Our pain made K. Exum


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