Sick Week

Weekly Thoughts #42: Sick Week

How do you guys feel about the coronavirus? I mean it started off in China I believe but it started to spread like a wildfire. I’m guessing because some probably didn’t know they had it and tried to leave and basically brought it with them. Others caught it from other places. It’s so crazy right now. The media is so confusing about it too. You have people over here saying don’t panic it’s not that bad even though people died. Then you got others saying just carry sanitizer and a mask and be clean. Look all this talking makes me want to stay in the house. Just stay put until there is a real solution. It’s easy to say that when you don’t have any real responsibilities. Others got a lot to do they can’t just sit and live in fear. I hope some cure or there’s a shot that everyone can get so this will stop taking out so many beautiful souls.

Speaking of sickness, I had got a cold this week that messed up my gym time. I was so motivated to workout every day that I was sick but I couldn’t bring myself to go. I was coughing a lot and sneezing a lot too. So I ended up on bed rest for the entire week. I’m a little better now that it’s Sunday and I have gone through a whole bottle of dayquil.

This week has been boring really. I have been working on a lot of blogs for next month. National Poetry Month is approaching and I want to make the blog about poetry. A lot of posts about poetry and some poetry from me is to be expected when that time comes. I don’t know why but I wanted to mention I just got this cool little poster from I think I’m going to hang it up and let it be my background for some poetry videos coming next month. Also, I have been seeing some new members of the Pieces Of K family and I would like to say Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay. Leave comments whenever you feel the need to and I will respond. Anyways follow this blog for more blogs. Follow me on Instagram @k.exum and the blog page @piecesofkblog. On both pages, I post when there is a new post. So follow to stay up to date and I will follow everyone back. See you next time.

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