Lose Yourself (Poem)

I decided to post a poem I wrote years ago today. I don’t know what I was going through when I wrote it. I believe I was fresh out of high school and just venting about family and my experiences. Hope you like it. Leave comments on what you think in the comment section below this post.


Lose Yourself:

It’s been a long journey to get here
So many people I lost getting here
At one point I started to lose myself
Tried to stick my hand out and ask for help
But just like Mufasa I got my hands stepped on
I use to think maybe I should be in a dorm
This type of thinking always brings the storm

Storm of not water
Just people giving me an order
An order to do what they want and still keep myself
Following directions is how I lost myself
Just trying to get my groove back like Stella
So many tried to knock me off my throne like Cinderella
But the storm wasn’t strong enough for this pretty fella
Now every move I take I got to carry an umbrella
Cause there’s still a storm

This cycle is starting to get boring
Storm on you now
Once the dollars come the rain turns to sunlight
Sunlight mixed with smiles and hands
I don’t know about others but no dollars are coming from these hands
Just like my pants sagging, you going have to catch up
The storm made me want to pull out a tool and leave myself red like ketchup

These the type of thoughts I had when some people attempted to murder my Gift
Now they get mad cause I carry them like a lyft
Cause, in reality, there’s no stopping this gift
Doing what people wanted made me lose myself
Now I only care about myself

Some people call it being mean
But to me, it’s just my everyday routine
If there’s something to learn through these rhymes
Is being someone’s mule brings nothing but depression
So you always have to follow your heart
Always listen to yourself
Listen to others and you’ll lose yourself

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