February Results

February Results 2020

  1. Get to 280: I have had this on my list for 3 months now. Time to show myself I can actually do it. Enough talking. FAIL: I gained weight. The gym and I are disconnected. It’s crazy to think when I used to be addicted to working out. Now I rather sit around than go break a sweat. Often I work out at home but even that feels like a half-ass workout. Sometimes I sweat but most of the time I don’t. 
  2. Get 800 views: I want 800 views and that’s what we’re aiming for. FAIL: I tried. I didn’t make it but I’m contempt on completing this goal so best believe this is going to be my goal for next month.
  3. Be Happy: Not to be emotional but I just want to find joy this month. I have been emotional to start the year and I don’t want to be that this year. Whatever I can do to make myself feel good, I’m going to do. COMPLETE: Oddly enough I was quite happy this month. Sometimes you have to sit back and reevaluate your circumstances and see the good in your life.



This month has come an end and I have the results calculated above. I hope next month we can get a full completion on our list. Until the next post view my previous posts. Follow me on all social media platforms to stay updated on the blog.

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