Writing Prompt #53

I decided to do another writing prompt for this week. I have a prompt and answer below. Be sure to leave comments below of what you think. Follow this blog for more.

Writing Prompt #53: Write a poem about your worst quality.

I’m Creative
Pretty as hell
Confident in front of this camera
But in front of people, I’m shy as hell
If we were having a conversation it would sound like you talking and I’m mute
When I was a kid they thought it was cute
Now I’m older it’s weird
Imagine trying to steer through life while being quiet
Sometimes I feel like a mime
Trying to communicate without using words I mind as well start holding up signs
But sometimes if I’m around my closest peers
I’m going to fill your ears
With a lot of jokes
But when in front of strangers I choke
It’s my worst quality.


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