Best Fitness Routine Of 2020

A year ago I made a 2019 fitness Routine list that featured an abundance of cardio now it’s just about the same with a slight bit of changes. Most times I barely hit the gym for my workouts now. I do a lot of curls at home with my 30-pound dumbbells. I try to do it in sets like 3 sets of 15. Then I switch to doing curls while leaning against my bedroom wall. Then I hold the weight and do 3 sets of squats. Some sit ups. I do all this while wearing a sweet sweat oil plus a sweat jacket. The oil makes you sweat like really sweat. That’s something you want while working out. The jacket plus the oil is an iconic duo. I look like I been running a marathon once done with my workouts all in the comfort of my own home. On other days I’ll go to the gym and do my normal 1 hour of cardio on the elliptical with the level of 17. That’s all for my 2020 routine.

This was a very short routine but workouts don’t have to be long. It’s all about consistency. Working out a good 30 minutes to an hour every day did the trick for me before going under. If you can’t do it every day, at least 3 days will be fine. But none of it matters if your eating doesn’t match your workouts. If you working out hard every day and eating McDonald’s then there is absolutely no point. If you are going to the gym every day and eating honey buns as snacks your weight will stay the same. This is coming from a former 470-pound man. Workout More and Eat Less.

Thank you for viewing this post. I’m no nutritionist but I been around them so much I can recite their rules. I know what works and what doesn’t. If you want change bad enough then YOU have to change. What I mean by that is if you want to be 10 pounds lighter than you are today. Then you have to put down the Debbie cakes. If you take the route I took. Best believe laying on that table is only the beginning. Surgery Isn’t the answer. It’s another Journey.

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