Writing Prompt #52

Writing Prompt Wednesday is back with another writing prompt. This time from Nerd Knows Life. Enjoy my answers below the prompt below.

Write down 5 things that make you happy and describe why they make you feel this way.

Writing Stories because it allows me to escape to an imaginary world where I’m god, the president and the law. I make the rules and I break the rules.

Hanging out with friends because its the only time I feel like I can be myself. You know and not try so hard to be this perfect quiet kid that others are so used to. I can just let it all out and be me for a change.

Writing Deep Poems because I like to let out all my pain on these empty pages. It’s therapeutic to my mind. I get to say everything on my mind in a unique way. Using wordplay and metaphors or how I like to describe it as bars.

Taking Photos has become something I really enjoy. I get to purchase some of my favorite outfits because I have lost a large amount of weight so the variety is amazing. Its kinda two in one. I get happy taking pictures and viewing them and just looking at myself.

Making money or just simply being given money always makes me happy. I think the feeling of earning money from doing what I love is a better feeling than just getting it.

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