Back To The Basics

Weekly Thoughts #40: Back To The Basics

Wow, I’m only 3 months away from my surgery anniversary. It’s coming up on a year already. It feels like just yesterday I was scared to go under the knife. Then I was in pain from going under the knife. Now I’m loving my new look. But am I going to love it for any longer? I say that because I have been in love with food and quest bars lately. 30 carbs a day turned into 70 carbs a day since thanksgiving. I have had good days and a lot of bad days.

The gym and I have become distant lovers. We visit each other every now and then but not as often as I was a year ago. Some encouraging words on Instagram kinda make me rethink that last couple of statements. I also think maybe I’m just a little tired and is taking a slight break. I lost 132 pounds last year throughout a 6 month period. I know a break too long can hurt me in the long run. I’m only 40 pounds away from my goal weight and I know I can get it. I just got to snap out of this lazy zone.

On this spoken word topic that I was on in last week’s weekly thoughts. I want to release something but I got to do some copyrights and get a cover so it’s going to take time. I’m still trying to decide between 2. One being Sleepless Nights and Life. Both titles are temporary. But I kinda want to release Maria. It’s a story that has been on my computer since 2018. A summary of it would be hard to explain. It’s my way of sharing my opinion about the Harvey Weinstein situation, the way men see women and treat them, drug addiction and some more stuff. It’s in the form of a poem and it has 3 parts. The first being from the male perspective. The second being from the woman perspective. The male finishes in the 3rd part. It’s a dope listen. Whenever I release it, I think it will turn heads.

I tried the whole post only 3 days a week thing. It just doesn’t work for a small blog like me. I posted less and had fewer views. So I’m going back to posting 5 to 7 days a week. It’s back to the basics. Honestly, I didn’t feel like myself when I missed those days. Like a part of me was missing. When it comes to views I think I generate more views from poetry than any other type of post. The only high view post that is not a poem is 2019 Must See Movie List.

That’s the end of this week’s weekly thoughts. It’s Saturday night when I’m writing this post. So I’m behind on the day I usually post this. I spent a lot of the day going park to park to take pictures. I’m not going to speak much about that because I plan on putting my thought’s on that in the Perfect Shot Series. So until next time. Like, comment, and follow this blog for more by me.

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