How I’m Living My Dreams

Weekly Thought’s 39 and I have a couple of things to say or write. I have been questioning my blogging lately for starters. Should I start posting only 3 days a week or just 5? I have been reading a lot as always about blogging and I keep seeing that I should post great content but less often. But, I like posting every day or at least 6 days a week. Am I blogging too much?

My audible finally went live. It initially said it would be uploaded after 14 days from when it was published on the 10th of January. But I had to upload it again on the 23rd because the cover had issues that I had to correct and once I did that I had to wait another 14 days. “14” But it took even longer than that. I’m not even going to complain too much I’m just glad it’s out.

I can’t believe It’s 2020 and I don’t have a new spoken word out. I haven’t dropped a single since Last Day. Growth was supposed to drop but I never got a cover for it and I think it’s too late to put it in stores just because this was supposed to be my letter to 2019 and now releasing it in 2020 seems pointless. But it’s on Youtube and IGTV if you want to hear it and view the little slideshow I put with it.

When I sit back and look back, I’m living my dreams. Publishing stories that I manifested in my brain on one lonely day. I’m creating poetry that’s touching souls. I’m taking pictures like I’m a model or something and actually feeling confident when I look in the mirror. I often look at the bad side of my life but when I think about all the good. It’s quite lovely.

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