The 3 Best Ways You Should Edit Your Photos

I’m not a model or influencer but I like getting pictures taken of me. With that being said, I’m honestly not good at editing my photos. Sometimes I upload raw photos if they’re good enough. But when I do this is what I do.


I use is the photos app. I edited this photo straight from my phone using the sun icon when you click edit. I really just played with it a bit for about an hour until I came out with this. 


I use lightroom. I sometimes either use a filter or a preset. You can use this app to retouch the image but I’m not that tech-savvy.


I pay people 99 percent of the time. A cool 10 -20 dollars for a couple of pictures is not bad. Most times I look for people just to retouch a photo or add a blur to my background. Or just a good edit. I experiment a lot but these are a couple of people that I have liked the most down below. Click the names below to go straight to their pages. They do great and I enjoy the result.

Photo Mar 04, 1 00 44 AM






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