Do’s and Don’ts When Depressed

Do’s and Don’ts When Depressed 


  1. Sleep: A nice nap can restart your mind, your day even. A little nap can take that pain away. I honestly do this when I’m in this zone.
  2. Listen to your favorite songs: Sometimes hearing your favorite artist sing or rap can make you tune out and just get lost in their creations.
  3. Play Games: Play games or whatever your hobby is to get your mind off things.  
  4. Chat: If you have a friend or someone close you have a chat with them. The conversation doesn’t have to be about your situation just get your mind off things. Who knows they may be going through something too and just need a talk too.
  5. Cry: Just let it out. No one’s watching. Just let it flow. Get it out of your system.
  6. This may be the least popular but a big one for me is working out. I like to do part of number 2 and listen to music and just zone out in the gym until I feel better. Take a shower afterward and nap. So its a mixture of all of them.
  7. Another one is to get HELP! Sometimes it’s hard to handle and you may need to call a suicide prevention line. It’s nothing wrong with seeking help when you are feeling depressed. I have been delivered a great guide to Help anyone of you or someone you know who is dealing with depression in these links  &


  1. Don’t eat. Don’t let that become the reason you gain a massive amount of weight and struggle to get it off later. That doesn’t help you it makes your problems larger. 
  2. Play with or be around weapons. If I can prevent one thing that would be suicide. Being near weapons and feeling down could only lead to1 or 2 things. Killing yourself or someone else and No one wants that. 
  3. Don’t Drink or Do Drugs. Becoming an addict is not something that will help. It’s a brief high that will not last long and once you start it’s even harder to quit. It’s a trap.



I hope you enjoyed that post above. If you think I missed any do’s or don’ts, leave some in the comments below. Or if you want to just teach me some then leave it in the comments below. Follow this blog for blogs like this. We are currently on the road to 200 followers so share this blog, so we can continue to grow.


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