My Worst Week

Weekly Thoughts 37:My Worst Week

 For starters, R.I.P To Kobe Bryant and the rest of the victims in that horrible accident. This was so tragic. I’m not going to act like he’s is or was my favorite player. Not at all but I recognize a legend when I seen one and he was that. This death had me up for many nights. I just couldn’t sleep Sunday night. The reason why I wrote, Can’t Sleep. His death hurt for some reason like I knew him or something. I think I felt GiGi’s death more because she was only a kid who didn’t get the chance to live her life. Not even get to graduate high school. I’m about to tear up just writing this. Then finding out later that her friends past too. Just painful to know that some kids died before they ever could reach their full potential.

 I basically failed my goals for this month. I already talked about this in the January Results but I’m just mad I did that. I had high hopes for that. My goals just didn’t match my dedication for this month.

 On another note, I think I’m close to another installment of Hey Depression because depression and I have been together again for this week. Sometimes life feel like a marathon and I feel like I’m doing everything in my power to get out of my situation or get to the end but then again I feel like I’m just running in place. And that bitch name fear is standing right in front of me. My dreams is at the end of the race. That’s what I think but we never know what’s really at the end. I would hope glory but it could just be another chapter in my story.


 A little dark this week but that’s what I’m feeling and thinking. Maybe next week will be better. I hope so. Until then, view my previous posts until my next post. Follow this blog for more blogs like this. I’ll try and shake back and post again. I just like to vent sometimes to make myself feel better but then again maybe I just want a audience.

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