I Froze

This week I had learned some lessons. I had a few ups and a big down. Let’s just go down the weekly rundown.

So when it comes to The Story Of Charles Levi. My first baby that just made a sale last week. So I enlisted my book in  Voracious Readers. It’s a way to make your book a free give away to people that are on this site. You get emails for your email list plus views for your book. As well as they leave reviews on amazon or good reads. So far I have an average of 2.75 stars. I was going do a blog about the reviews but I’m just going to speak my peace. I can take criticism. So what I have inquired was that the story switched scenes without any notice. I don’t agree at all but that’s one. The other is that how I made the main protagonist so clueless I guess. The comment literally was because I said that she was scared for her life and still walks into the kitchen. But I have read many books and seen horror films where there is a monster behind a door and the chick is scared but still answers the door. So for that part of the comment makes no sense to me. I had another comment where they said I should research a jet price. $100,000.00 is too cheap for a jet. My bad I’ll take that. The dumbest one was that I didn’t give too much of a backstory to the characters. I have a reason for that though. I want the audience to wonder. I want you to ask yourself why did David kill the woman in the kitchen? Why is he so angry? I want you to wonder why Rachel is so nosy? I want you to wonder what’s wrong with him? A good book or plot in my eyes is when you have to figure out the characters. This is my first mystery and I want the audience to have questions. Overall about 3 stars are not bad in my eyes even if some comments were dumb.

I don’t really talk about relationships in Weekly Thoughts. Maybe because as time went on family started to catch on and start to give my blog a read. I think I’m good at coding what I’m trying to say so here goes. Have you ever met someone that when you two talked it was like y’all souls aligned? The game of getting to know each other turned into how much else do we have in common. I usually go after people but she came to me. We admitted that we both liked each other but I wasn’t ready for her. I guess because there’s only one girl in my heart. With her, there is no more space for others. That woman’s name is depression.

Now to the worst part of the week. Going to busboys and poets out in Virginia. It was my sister’s birthday and we got there fairly early. Enough time to put my name on the list. I had the piece that I wanted to perform in my head. I rehearsed it over and over in the mirror. When it got time to sign up I froze. I couldn’t find the courage to do it. It makes me think I’ll never be the stage performer I so desperately want to be. Maybe it’s not for me like I always thought. I enjoyed the others who went up especially the featured artist, Derrick Weston Brown. But deep down I knew I should have been up there. I just knew it.

In conclusion, it has been a rather dark week. That’s what sparked the 5th installment of Hey Depression. The only up I have seen was seeing some great performers with a lot of heart at Busboys and Poets. With the little relationship thing, I did come up with some dope poems. Of course, it’s love related because I think I was experiencing that feeling for the first time. Workout wise I got a few good workouts in. Eating wise I’m trying to stay on track so I can hopefully hit that 280 goal. This week is done. I hope you enjoyed this blog. I hope you are enjoying Weekly Thoughts this year. Follow this blog for more. Sign up for my newsletter below to be updated whenever I post.

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