Hey Depression 5 (Poem)

Hey Depression 5

Hey Depression it’s been a while

Since we last laid eyes on each other

But how can I blame you this time

After 3 years I finally got what I wanted

But why do I still feel damaged

I just want to be great so bad that I refuse to lose myself in someone else dreams

These type of thoughts just make me want to scream

I don’t want to count hunnits

I want to speak my words in front of hundreds of people that’s just like me

But that bitch name fear always beats me

I want to capitalize on this gift that God bestowed upon me

But these demons make it hard to beat

It feels like I’m on the edge of falling back into deep depression again

I just want to be great

Not make money so she can have something to make herself feel great

Look at me blaming her again

After she stuck beside me all these years

But was she really beside me or was she in front of me

Especially when I needed her the most

One decision I wish I can go back and change

But knowing me I wouldn’t even be here

Hey Depression 5


It’s just one of those days I guess. Hey Depression

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