Ex (Poem)


Man I hate my Ex

My ex name is depression

She comes over unexpectedly

And lays in my bed and nag and nag

Until I can’t help but to lay down with her

She always gets to me because she was my first

The first one to make me cry

As we share intimate moments about days that I won’t see again but somehow she still makes me cry

As she continues to imply

That I’m not right

And I should get out of sight

I try and try to kick her out but she’s still here

She always thinks she so intellectual

That spicy Latina heat always makes things turn sexual

But you know she’s bisexual

So she always got to bring her friend name anxiety

Things get so feisty

As one sits on my head

And the other whispers in my ear until somehow she makes it to my heart

That’s when emotions start to explode like fireworks in July

By the next morning, they’re gone

Days go by and I start to feel strong

And then here comes my ex again

Making sure I don’t fall off again

But sometimes I think she hurts me more than anything

But then I remember she’s not real

She’s not here

Nor her friend

I wish I could get rid of her, rid of them

But it’s not that simple

Although they’re not hurting me physically

They’re still hurting me mentally

The thing about being hurt mentally is no one can help you fight the ghost inside your head

Man I swear I hate my Ex


I hope you enjoyed this poem. I also posted this on my Instagram awhile back the video link is here https://www.instagram.com/tv/Bt27EXZg5MZ/?igshid=sftm26npvxwn

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