I Got A Sale!!!

Weekly Thoughts 35: I got a sale!!!

Wow, I actually got a sale plus more. I couldn’t believe it when I had seen those first few sales after a couple of days after I released it. I was so happy. From My “Dreams” to “Stop It” to “ My crazy world” to “Stop The Law” to “The Journey Collection”. You don’t know any of those titles because they all didn’t make a single sale. I honestly haven’t got many sales but I’m happy just knowing I got 1. That’s all that matters to me.

The first week back in the gym was good. I only went to the actual gym once. I did a lot of home workouts this week. No reason why really. I just felt like I could get a good sweat in my room. Especially since I’m really trying to just build muscle now. I decided to weigh myself and came out to be 291. Lost a total of 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

Looking back at January Goals 2020. I want to be on track this year so we at the half way mark part of this month. The goal of hitting 280 is within arms reach. Only 11 pounds away. I lose weight fast when I actually eat right and workout each day. I have been like that since before surgery as well. As far as writing a story this month. It’s looking good. I don’t know if I should say what story I’m writing. I’ll let you figure that out. Check Out The Story Of Charles Levi since we’re talking about stories. I just checked my stats and we’re only at 424 views. So we have some work to do before I hit that 800 views goal.


 Overall it was a good week. I got my first sale ever in history. I’m so happy about it. I hope one day I can become a best selling author. That’s the ultimate goal. Other than those 3 things. I saw a lot of my family this week. I saw my aunt that I haven’t seen in maybe 5 or 6 years. Crazy and I got to see my little boy cousin for the first time. Cutest and smartest little dude. It’s crazy I’m just meeting him now I’m not the only grandson anymore on one side of my family. On the other side, I’m still the only grandson. Just a little backstory. But this is the end of this week’s weekly thoughts. Hope you enjoyed it. Follow this blog for more. Leave comments below and subscribe to my newsletter down below. Also, go get my ebook from amazon if you are into thrillers and mysteries or if you just want to support me. It’s only $2.99.

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