Top 5 Favorite Protein Snacks

 So I have been looking at different protein snacks since I have been able to consume them. So I can’t speak for others but I look for great taste in them. When your not allowed to eat sweets, you have to adapt to something else for that sweet tooth. So I have made a list of the ones with great taste and low carbs. 


  1. Quest S’ mores Bar: Now I’m not the biggest fan of s’ mores so I was kind of skeptical about this one. But I was caught off guard by the great taste. But the only thing I didn’t like was the carbs. Unfortunately, all quest bars are 21 carbs and I can only intake 30 a day. So one a day is what I have come to. 
  2. Quest Oreo Bar: I love Oreos and was happy this tasted very similar to it. Forgot to mention that both quest bars are worth 21 grams of protein and 21 carbohydrates. 
  3. FinaFlex Oatmeal Protein: I just tried this and its a 90% match to the regular oatmeal pie. Of course, carbohydrates are high. It’s at 38 grams of carbohydrates. My limit is 30 a day so I make do with one or just half a day. My tip for trying protein products is if the carbs are high then most likely it tastes good. 
  4. Atkins Lemon Bar: This is a great bar. The protein is a little lower than the quest bars but the carbs are low on this and that’s what I like most. This bar doesn’t make me feel full like the other 2 but it’s perfect for a snack. The carbs on this bar are only 15 and the protein is 13 grams. 
  5. Lenny’s & Larry’s Complete Cremes Vanilla Cookies: So lastly is cookies. These are okay for that sweet tooth we all get. Also to be plant-based these are excellent. These have 9 grams of carbohydrates. So great for me. 


 Disclaimer: I hope this list helps with Bariatric Post Op Patients looking for some great protein product. As always like, comment and follow this blog for more. Follow me on IG @K.Exum

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