I Finally Did It!

Weekly Thoughts 34. Okay I’m going to try and get through this. My life is boring. So let’s see how we do. For starter’s I finally did it. I finally published again after 4 long years. 

 So I did remove the other 2 parts of The Story Of Charles Levi. Part of me wanted to release it as an ebook all along but like I expressed last week I was scared to. So this week I dropped my Ebook. The fear I felt before pressing publish was unnatural. That fear sparked the Ebook Post. As far the pay off goes. So far I have gotten a couple of sales. Seeing those first sales was relieving. Going from no sales to sales after a 4 year absence from book stores is just the best. Also seeing support from my peers is amazing. I can truly say 2020 is starting out on a high note. Almost forgot. The audible version is coming soon. I’ll update the blog when it arrives. I worked with an amazing narrator. She captured the story perfectly. It will be available on audible real soon.

 Got some pictures taken. If you follow me on Instagram or has been keeping up with the blog you would have seen them and will keep seeing them until I have no more to post. Also, I’m finally getting back in the gym after 2 weeks. I had the meanest back pains for the last couple of weeks. I’m starving to get back to work. It’s time to build muscles. I have no time for these pains they are slowing me down.


 In conclusion, it was a good week. I would say. I lost a lot of money this week for sure. Between getting this ebook straight and buying clothes so I can have pictures taken was stressful enough. Plus paying to have them edited was a pain. Of course I did all of this using Fiverr. Something all creators should be using. A real life saver. I’ll be sure to be back next week after my first week back in the gym. The road to 250 really begins now. The reason for the title is that I finally published and I finally captured some new pictures. See you next week for some more weekly thoughts. Let me know how your week went in the comments below. 



The Story Of Charles Levi

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