Crushing It! By Gary Vaynerchuck

I know it’s been so long since I reviewed this book. I guess I got distracted by other books. Between Deadly reigns 1,2 and 3, I just lost the focus of reading this book. I started out reading the actual book purchased from amazon. Somehow I felt better listening to it so I brought it as an audible as well.

What I gathered from this book is a game plan for myself. It was so informative for people who would love to be a modern-day entrepreneur. All of his content that is on the internet was all compiled into this book. Also other creators who read his book in the past and used his tips and strategies to guide them on their individual journeys was apart of this book.

The most important lesson I learned from this book was to jump on every new platform. Every new platform is a new chance of becoming the most famous person from that platform due to its low number of big names. If that makes sense to you. I think at the beginning of last year when I first started reading this book, I didn’t do this. I just continued to focus only on Instagram. Now I have moved around to Facebook, Twitter, and the newest one TikTok.

For everyone who wants to become an entrepreneur or become a big creator. I recommend you read this book. He even targets some of the top apps that are still rising in numbers now. From his expertise on a platform like Twitter. Then letting someone who followed his guidelines share their experiences makes you relate more. I have seen a lot of my problems in a lot of the individuals who were involved in this masterpiece.

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Crushing It!

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