I’m Back With More Weekly Thoughts

It has been a long time since I did a post like this. Since July 20th to be exact. A new year. A new decade. Time to bring this back. I miss venting week to week about the challenges I faced. It helps clear my mind and keeps me on the right track. Let’s begin with how my first week of the new year went. 

I have been contemplating an ebook for months now. It seems weird to make an ebook for a story that I posted on my blog. But in order to do the real thing I want which is an audible I have to make it into an ebook first. Weird right. As you all should know. Or don’t know. I published some stories and speeches when I was younger and it didn’t go well. Like I’m talking no sales. My support system died as soon as I clicked on published. So I failed as an author and I had no one to lift me up after.

Even though I published Pinder on here and many singles and an album but I still feel some type of fear for doing an ebook. Thoughts set in like should I do this? Am I just wasting more money by pursuing this? I have been seeing and listening to Gary Vee talk about making your product available everywhere. That’s why I thought of an audible because I know most people listen instead of reading nowadays. The worst thing I can do in this situation is not to pursue this idea. But I am still afraid of not doing well again.

I was looking back at weekly thoughts 1 and seeing how I was 10 pounds away from my weight loss goal set by the doctors which was 421. Now I’m 47 pounds away from my Dream weight goal of 250 pounds. Life has certainly changed in the last 2 years. Good Things come to those who work hard and stays patient. You may think you are done and can’t take anymore but you’ll get through whatever challenge you face.

Honestly, I can’t be happier at the moment when it comes to my weight. I wake up every day and I look in the mirror for hours amazed at how I look now. Like I was seriously obese. I was inches away from being a diabetic. Depressed as hell on most days. I used to take naps all day because I didn’t want to be seen looking how I looked. Man, I used to second guess laying on that table. Now I feel like it had to be done.

On another note, do anyone feel weird about these memes in America about the WW3 joke? Or whatever it’s supposed to be. These types of situations make you open your eyes and see that we’re like a fort. You know these 2 individuals get into it over whatever the issue is and then they come and kill thousands that have nothing to do with the person that sent the hit. I don’t wish death upon no one but I honestly see this war thing going the same way as 911 or any other terrorist attack. It’s like we’re now in the wrong place at the wrong time and there’s nothing we can do about it but try and run to another country and that’s if we have the funds to run. We just a bunch of sitting ducks and it’s terrible. Why should anyone be punished for someone else actions?

That’s the end of this post. I got a little emotional at the end. But Like, comment and subscribe to my newsletter down below for more updates on the blog. Follow me on IG @K.Exum. To see my journey and I would like to wish a Happy New Year to everyone reading this blog. I hope you go on to complete your New Years Resolution.

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