January Goals 2020

January Goals 2020: Time to set our goals for this month. I’m going to do this year a little different. This time I’m going to set goals and keep them until I complete them. So if I don’t complete this month’s goals then it’s going to carry on. So with that being said or read, like this post and follow this blog for more by me. 


  1. Get to 280. Not to sound like a broken record. But I need to complete this. No excuses. It’s the beginning of the month and year. I’m on the road to my goal weight of 250 and this is just a stepping stone to that. 
  2. Get 800 views. 
  3. Write a new story. The Story Of Charles Levi was great and is still available to read down below. But I want to write something new and different from the thriller-like theme. Maybe love or something more serious. We’ll see what will come of this. 

The Story of Charles Levi

The Story Of Charles Levi Part 2

The Story Of Charles Levi Part 3

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