Growth (Poem)

Another blog of reflection. When I started this year it was all about growth. I wanted to grow mentally and physically. This year I experienced many ups and many downs. But most importantly I kept going. Below I put together a little slideshow with a little poem I wrote as the background music. Hope You Enjoy It! Leave comments below & Follow this blog for more. Stream & Download!

I went from being denied surgery time and time again
For 3 years I was told no
The door to my future stayed closed
Until I forced it open
Then I laid up on that surgical table
I went from looking down upon myself to holding my head high
Even my pictures are different. 
I use to look sad in every picture because I liked to wear my heart on my sleeves. 
Now because of gastric sleeve I smile when ever I get the chance.
I went from complaining about being too big to fit in nice pants
To saying the pants I wear now is way too big
I went from looking in the mirror and feeling so sick of the man it reflected 
To loving every aspect of that man
That man is me
For a long time I told myself what I couldn’t do
Instead of just doing it like Nike
I chose to fight it
Fight the idea that I could conquer my problems 
Until I got tired of it
I got tired of eating deserts just for a sweet taste
I got tired of cleaning big plates
Then seeing my weight get higher and higher
No I chose to become a fighter
I fought and fought until my weight was the only one that took a loss
I use to look at the numbers on my scale blink 470 now they blink 296
This year was about growth
I now can look in the mirror and say I have grown
I have shown myself and anyone who have doubt it
That I can overcome any challenge in my way
2019 was a great year
I can only hope no I can only do better in 2020

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