December Results 2019

December Results 2019: This month has come to an end. Time for me to look back at my goals set for this month and analyze what was great and what went wrong. Follow this blog for more and enjoy this post.

1. Get to 280: To be completely honest. I went up and then back down. So basically I’m sitting at 296. I have been very inconsistent with my workouts this month. Also, I have been falling back in love with carbs, which is the worst thing I can do. Looking back I know carbs are the number 1 reason why I was so obese. I have to get back in the flow next month.

2. Drop Charles Levi 2 & 3: Finally, I did this. They are all posted here. Be sure to check them out and please leave comments below them. I love hearing criticism good & bad. I will be posting the story as one on Kindle & as an audible as a gift to myself. I miss publishing and I feel like I’m ready to take that leap. I rather go out knowing that I tried. Then to not try at all.

The Story of Charles Levi

The Story Of Charles Levi Part 2

The Story Of Charles Levi Part 3

3. Get 800 views for the month: Sadly No. I tried but I’m going to make sure I do it next year.

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