New Artists Of 2019

For starters, I’m not a music genius or a music star. So my opinion shouldn’t be taken seriously. I just love hip hop and want to list my favorite new artists. Leave your top 5 favorite new artists in the comments below.

1. DaBaby: DaBaby, DaBaby, DaBaby. He killed it this year. Baby on Baby was hard. Every song felt like a certified hit. Then he just so entertaining with his music videos. It was kinda hard to ignore. Then his guest appearance on Cash Sh*t made his rise even higher. Plus the other appearances was great. Every verse was on point. It’s like he’s allergic to spitting a wack verse. The XXL freestyle just brought more press. Then he finished it off with his album, KIRK. In my opinion he brought a different sound to his artillery. I can see him being around for awhile.

2. YK Osiris: I really like his songs. My only thing with him was that he dropped music every other month but it was always only one song. I guess it’s strategic. It makes you want more. But as a fan I just wanted The Golden Child a lot Faster than it came. But it was worth the wait.

3. Megan Thee Stallion: True hitmaker. I don’t even listen to female artists that much. But for some reason I can listen to her. Fever was hard. Realer was the best song to me. That and cash sh*t. Then the whole hot girl summer epidemic just took off.

4. YBN Cordae: I don’t know if he’s considered new. Just because he was out last year. The album was highly anticipated and it delivered. Also, the H.E.R collaboration at the bet awards stole the show and this position on my list.

5. Lizzo: She was kind of just thrown on this list. Anybody that can sing, rap and play the flute needs to be top 5. I like her energy too. She a BBW and don’t care for the world’s restrictions.Love it

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